The world of SMART Cities

The Story of SMART Cities is a very interesting one, one full of intriguing actors and worlds of interactions. So lets begin and introduce some of the lead actors and their worlds.

The Analog World

The Analog world

Some examples of this include, sound, light, temperature and many, many more.

Our analog world in electronics is interested in how to measure electric charge as it moves through a wire. It is here that we introduce our second actor Volts or Voltage named after the physicist Alessandro Volta .

The Digital World

The Digital world, is all ones and zeros, on or off. It forms the basis of computers and some electronics.

Our digital world allows us to compute information and represent the Analog world which is where we introduce our next actor the Microcontroller. They are the brains of the digital world and allow us to calculate information at the speed of our Analog friend the electron.

The Digital world allows us to represent information using a 0 or a 1.

The World of Conversion