SMART Cities

This program introduces students to the concept of SMART Cities and Sustainability through hands on use of Arduino technology and its application in powering Internet of Things (IoT) Devices.

Students gain hands on experience with sensing the environment, sending the data over the Internet and present their concept for its application in a Sustainable SMART City.

The program is designed to run over a five week period. With the following schedule:

Session Description
Introduction to SMART Cities
2Hands on Lab 1
Sensing the Temperature
3Hands on Lab 2
Connecting to the Arduino IOT Cloud
Hands on Lab 3
An IoT controlled temperature monitor

In undertaking this program students will:

  • Understand the principals of a SMART City.
  • Understand and apply the three pillars of sustainability.
  • Be Introduced to systems thinking and its application to the Internet of Things.
  • Implement a minimum viable working Internet of Things device with the ability to sense the environment.
  • Develop and present a minimal viable product.


This program utilises the following Arduino kits:

Links to Curriculum

The program is aligned to the Australian and Victorian curriculum details can be found here

Image Sources
Arduino MKR IoT Bundle
Arduino IoT Prime Bundle