Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors output a voltage that is linearly proportional to the Celsius (centigrade) temperature. In this program we will be referring to a readily available TMP36 sensor

The below table list the key elements of a number of common temperature sensors available.

Main parameters of temperature sensors.
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Output Voltage vs. Temperature (TMP36)

Strange results from TMP36 Thermistor - Page 2
Extract from Analog Devices – TMP35/TMP36/TMP37 Datasdheet

Temperature Calculation (TMP36)

The above graph shows a linear relationship between output voltage and temperature.

  • The TMP36 sensor will output 0.5V at 0°C
  • There is a 10mV change per degree of change in temperature (°C)
Temperature (°C) = (Output Voltage - 0.5)*100

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